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When John approached me about investing in renewable energy, I was very interested to learn more. Historically my investments had been limited to residential homes and equities. The manner in which he setups his land purchases makes a lot of sense and the numbers pencil out nicely. Since investing, we have also put solar panels on our own home. Leveraging the free energy put out by the sun seems like a no brainer and it’s better for the environment. Win-win-win.
A. Gile
One thing that attracted me to Clean USA Power, Inc., is that it enables me to invest in both land – the one thing there won’t ever be more of – and renewable energy at the same time. The fact that it is also in my area is a real plus as well. Some of my investments are just investments. This one is more personal because of location and because it so clearly contributes to making the world a better place.
K. Gillenwater
As I get older (and hopefully wiser) I feel it’s more important to focus my investments of time, resources and money on things that make life better for more than just myself. Investing in renewable energy with my retirement savings gives me the satisfaction that my resources are making a difference in air quality for others, as well as, future generations. I was surprised to learn the great rate of return and long-term security investing in renewable energy can provide. I truly believe this is the next frontier for clean energy and retirement savings security.
M. Salmon
John- just wanted to drop a quick note and thank you for the opportunity your fund has afforded me to diversify my portfolio into renewable energy, which I believe has a very bright future. As an owner of a significant amount of gas and oil royalties I am a strong believer in the energy market in general and have been looking for ways to add to these holdings but in the growth sector of the market, namely wind and solar. Not only do I believe this will be a profitable investment but I am confident these low impact, renewable sources are the best long-term strategy for our country and our environment. Your efforts to buy land and negotiate the leases creates a unique, very tangible,investment which for me is much better than trying to invest in competing solar or wind companies.
A. Moreale