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What We Do — Renewable Energy Investing

We are a land provider for large wind and solar energy projects. Large renewable energy developers lease our land to build wind and solar farms. There is an accelerating movement towards renewable energy, as more and more Americans are increasingly calling for clean renewable energy. Voters continue to pass State mandates for renewable energy, which are driving the transition from outdated fossil fuel burning toward more sustainable wind and solar energy. So far, 30 states have mandates already in place and another six states have goals. Wind and solar energy producers are expanding to meet the demand these state mandates have created. Wind and solar developers require land to build their projects, and they prefer to lease the land because it is cheaper for project start up. This is where Clean USA Power comes in. We own the land they need for their renewable projects and we lease it for thirty years or more. Renewable energy land leases help capitalize wind and solar farm construction, which is a benefit to everyone. The massive national network of wind and solar energy will:

  • Reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, especially foreign oil.
  • Reduce global warming.
  • Create good jobs for Americans.
  • Boost tax revenues used for schools and public programs.
  • Reduce air pollution.
  • Provide safe energy. (No radioactive material or public safety concerns)
  • Free up water supplies. (No water disputes from hydro electric dams)
  • Reduce demands placed on U.S. National Defense. (No more oil wars or patrolling global oil supply lines)
  • Circulate more money in America and improve our economy.

Optimal wind and solar land is one resource that all wind and solar projects require. Prime land is an invaluable part of every project. Land can never vanish, break or become obsolete. Land is the ultimate hard asset.

Land Energy Leases

Wind and solar developers prefer to lease land Wind and solar developers prefer to lease because they expense the payments instead of capitalize them. This saves them money in power, the developers increase the royalties paid to the landowners. Landowners are not required to do any project maintenance Generally, the developer constructs and maintains the projects. Land-owners give the developers full rights to use the land in exchange for a long term income stream. Leases are usually written for thirty years or more Wind and solar farms are designed for long-term energy production. Today’s wind and solar farms are each built to provide power for 30 years or more. The long-term nature of the projects provides long term cash flows for the owners of the land on which the projects are built. Land leases usually provided steady quarterly or annual payments. Some lease payments rise as the price of power rises Many renewable energy lease payments are linked to the price of electricity. This could be an inflation hedge as the price of energy is expected to rise over time. If you would like to learn more about owning land in a renewable energy investing, please give us a call.