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How is Clean USA Power making money?2018-03-09T23:01:25+00:00

Clean USA power, typically works on a no fee basis, if we are to be the land holder. In the case that this is an ala carte land acquisition service, please inquire as we have service pricing available.

What lease terms do we need?2017-07-22T00:06:25+00:00

We use industry standard lease and option terms that are dependent on the project parameters and are subject to land prices in a project area.

How large of parcels can we buy?2018-03-09T23:02:10+00:00

Clean USA Power works to be easily scaleable and can buy parcels as small as 2.5 acres up 1000+ acres, to fit the project requirements

How do we ensure there aren’t problems with the land?2022-01-10T20:00:57+00:00

We conduct initial site evaluations by walking the property, and then conduct public records research to establish clean title and easement search. Finally, we may complete a phase I environmental site assessment.

How do we price the land?2017-07-22T00:05:02+00:00

We use independent appraisers, to ensure we never pay over market value for real estate.

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