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We pay fair market value for your income producing property.

Free Land Valuation
Fair Pricing (we offer fair market value to buyers and sellers)
Fast 30 – 45 Day Escrow
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No Realtors
1031 Exchange Opportunity


What is the best time to sell an operating wind or solar parcel?2018-03-09T22:53:23+00:00

Choosing whether or not to sell your income-producing land can be a difficult decision. Landowners often find that the premium price they can receive for their parcel allows them to pursue other investment opportunities, pay off debt, or begin other chapters in their lives. However, it is not always wise to sell off an income producing property. Our expert team will help you evaluate the timing depending on the financial situation and opportunities available to the owner. In most cases the initial acceptance of a lease propels the property to its highest and best use (highest value). Selling the property with value added including cash flow could be a wise decision depending on each individual’s situation. It could also be wise to keep the property for certain individuals. The professionals at Clean USA Power would be happy to discuss options and offers with you so that you know what is available to you.

Would a cancellable lease involve risk to the landowner?2017-08-22T20:22:58+00:00

Yes, there is inherent risk with owning cancellable land leases. Selling the property absolves this landowner of this risk. Other risks to landowners leases such as, variable income from equipment maintenance,  poor equipment performance or natural disasters can all threaten energy generation.

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