Diversify Your Investments with Land for
Commercial Wind and Solar Projects

Wind and solar land leases and sales can provide income for 35 years or more.

This is a private placement offering for verified accredited investors only.

How it Works

  • You buy a minimum of 50 shares ($1,000 per share).

  • The Fund buys land for solar and wind projects.

  • The Fund leases or options the land for development.

  • The profit (or possible loss) is divided amongst you and other investors pro rata.

  • You may withdraw your investment after 5 years, or keep the shares for the life of each opportunity (Approx 35 years).

There is no debt financing within each investment opportunity. All fund withdrawals are subject to some restrictions and are sold at at current appraisal value. All investment opportunities are 100% private equity. If you have been looking for an income-producing asset that does not follow the stock market, and is projected to pay you double-digit returns – you have found it! *

Please review these restrictions and all other terms and conditions prior to investing by requesting a Private Placement Memorandum.
CP Land Holdings, LLC (Clean Power)
Amt. Invested: Annualized Yield: Expected Acreage
$6,230,000 See details 856
Carbon Displaced Annually US Homes Powered Jobs Created
12,136 Tons 1,230 Houses 7.5 Good Paying Jobs
Funded 100%
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