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Sell renewable energy land that has a lease or option offer.

Have you received a lease offer (or option) from a renewable energy developer but have not decided whether or not to accept it? If you have an offer or lease or option for your property, we would like to evaluate it and make you a cash offer for your land.

Free Land Valuation
Fast 30 – 45 Day Escrow
No Fees or Commissions
No Realtors
1031 Exchange Opportunity


How is renewable energy land value determined?2017-08-22T20:41:07+00:00

Many factors are evaluated when determining the value for a renewable energy property. What are neighboring property values? As this will determine the sale price after the renewable energy project is finished. What are the lease terms? The terms of the lease directly affect the value of the underlying land. How many years are remaining on the lease? The more time left on the lease, generally the more valuable the property is.

What is the best time to sell a parcel with a lease offered?2017-08-22T20:40:21+00:00

This is a difficult question and not one that has a one-size fits all answer.  Developers often acquire the key parcels they would need to begin a renewable energy project and then try to buy land that adds to their project.  If your parcel is in this group it might make sense to sell your land at the beginning of the project.  It can also be the case where a developer might find that adding specific parcels to the project gives them a great return on value and you may be able to receive a premium price for your land.  However, the risk here is that retrofitting an existing project may not make sense for a developer or the project could lose funding in which case the developer may no longer have any interest in your land.  Our professionals will provide you with the information and analysis to navigate these risks and determine what options make sense for you.

Would a cancellable lease involve project risk to the landowner?2017-08-22T20:45:03+00:00

Yes, there is inherent project risk with owning cancellable land leases. Selling the property absolves this landowner of this risk. In our experience, projects under development are in the riskiest period of the lease. Early stage renewable energy project leases are at high risk due to the project’s environmental concerns, energy contract competition, neighboring landowner objections, county approval, etc. According to data from the Kern County California renewable energy planning department website, fewer than 31% of projects that get through the application process make it to producing power (source: http://pcd.kerndsa.com/planning/renewable-energy).

Sell Your Lease-Offered Renewable Energy Land

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