As the rate of environmental damage increases across the planet, it’s clear that we need more
entrepreneurs who care about sustainability. Launching a sustainable business will offset your
impact on the environment and preserve natural resources. Eco-minded entrepreneurs, also
known as ecopreneurs, also benefit from overhead cost savings, tax incentives, new business
opportunities, and consumer preferences towards sustainable practices. Here are some
resources to help you build an eco-friendly startup, presented below by Clean USA Power.

Consider Eco-Friendly Business Ideas

Not sure where to begin? There are countless green business models to choose from! Check
out these ideas for some inspiration.

● Launch a business focused on reusing and recycling products.

● Sell products that are manufactured sustainably.

● Help locals reduce their impact with sustainable landscaping or solar installation.

● Start an environmental consulting business to help other businesses go green.

Take Advantage of Eco-Friendly Apps

Digital tools can help to minimize the impact of your business on the environment by reducing
waste and eliminating carbon emissions from employee commutes.

Communication tools that enable employees to work from home.

● Document-sharing apps to reduce your reliance on paper.

● You can also go eco-friendly by filing your formation papers digitally.

Avoid Greenwashing Your Sustainable Brand

Greenwashing is the process of misleading consumers about the sustainability of a business.
Even eco-friendly businesses can engage in greenwashing, often unintentionally.

● Aim to develop sustainable practices across all areas of your business.

Don’t exaggerate the sustainability of your brand. Be honest and open.

● Be sure to back all of your environmental claims with clear evidence.

● Pay attention to who you partner with. Endorsing an unsustainable company can
negatively hurt your reputation.

Launching a green business is a great way to do your part for the earth. As a business owner,
you can have a much more substantial impact on sustainability than you could as an individual
consumer. Use your entrepreneurial position to drive positive change and help your customers
do right by the planet!


By Guest Author
Chelsea Lamb