By, Shirley Martin

One of the biggest issues we face globally is climate change. As we continue to pollute the planet, we continue to deteriorate the climate. The burning of fossil fuels and the creation of toxic gasses due to manufacturing are affecting the environment, as well as our health. By taking a stand against it and living more green, we can hope to reverse the issues we’ve caused. 

Clean USA Power is dedicated to spreading awareness about living sustainably. Here, we share a few ways to live a greener lifestyle and help save the planet in the process.

Ways toward a Greener Life

Living green doesn’t require massive changes in your life. In fact, small things can be done that make a huge impact. Check out some of these lifestyle changes you can make today.

Use Alternative Transportation

One of the best ways to reduce your carbon footprint is by using transportation other than your car. Cycling, using shared transportation, or even just walking can greatly reduce the greenhouse gasses you’re contributing to the planet. Try using alternative transportation instead of driving.

Additionally, you can invest in an electric vehicle. Doing so will require the installation of an electric vehicle charger in your home. Overall, this cost will be offset by the increase in your home’s value. The future of transportation is seated in electric vehicles, after all.

Make Changes at Work Including Smart Invoicing

Promoting sustainable practices at work can be incredibly simple. Best of all, it can contribute to your company’s bottom line. For example, talk to your boss about switching to a  “green energy” plan with the utility company, buy refurbished printer cartridges, make sure all lights and electronics are switched off at day’s end, try to use more natural lighting, and encourage staff to carpool. 

One near-instant way to positively impact your sustainability efforts is to go paperless. Tools like a cloud based invoicing system not only automates the redundant and time-consuming task of creating and sending invoices, it negates the need for printing and snail mailing. When you create and disseminate professional-looking invoices using this smart option, you’re able to store documents online for your staff and your clients to see and download. You can also integrate this tool with online payments, which means quicker payments and continuous cash flow.

Invest in an Eco-Friendly Home

Living in an eco-friendly home is easier done than you may think. There are a number of things you can do to make your home eco-friendly, as well as some features to look for when buying an eco-friendly home. As Arcadia points out, switching your bulbs to LED versions reduces the power you consume, as does unplugging your electronics. Updated appliances use less water and less electricity, making them eco-friendly as well. Solar panels should be present on a home you’re looking to buy, or can be fairly easily installed in a home that you own.

One of the benefits of investing in eco-friendly housing upgrades is the increase you’ll see in your property value. Having a high-quality roof and windows will make your home more favorable to potential buyers, as will solar panels and updated appliances.

Recycle Responsibly

Overflowing landfills are beginning to contribute to major habitat destruction on land and in the ocean. As we continue to throw things into rubbish bins, we contribute to the ever-growing landfills and oceanic garbage patch. CleanRiver Recycling notes that by recycling responsibly we can prevent more habitat destruction.

Buy Your Items Second Hand

Rather than buying new, try to buy second-hand as often as possible. The manufacturing of new products, electronics, and plastics, specifically, releases harmful chemicals into the environment. Often, these end up reducing the quality of air and water in the areas where they’re produced. By buying second hand you can prevent these issues from occurring as often.

Going Green is Good for the Planet and for Your Equity

At times, the costs of going green may feel like they outweigh the benefits. Making green upgrades and using green alternatives can be expensive. However, as you continue to make green changes to your home, you also increase its value. Plus, you get to feel better about doing your part to save the planet. Make small changes like using alternative transportation, going paperless at work, and recycling to go green today!

When it comes to solar power, Clean USA Power can help sell or lease your land for solar energy development to partner with you to save the planet! Connect with us today to find out more! 541.728.0871